Sunday, August 16, 2009

dirt bikes

A couple of nights ago i watched x games 15. The very first thing that i saw was moto x. Ever since i've watched that i have grown a strange passion for dirt bikes. Whenever i see those guys doing tricks i say to myself " I wish i could do that." Some of my heroes are travis pastrana, ricky carmichael, jeremy mcgrath, josh grant, and ryan villopoto. Those guys are all amazing racers and freestylists.

My favorite trick would have to be a heart attack backflip. Which is where you scoot back and let go of the bike for a second then pull yourself back in just in time for you to land all while doing a backflip. Amazing i know. At x games 15 they had a best trick competition and my number 1 hero travis pastrana tried to do a backflip then a 720 spin while doing a rodeo. A rodeo is where you put your feet on the handlebars and put a hand in the air. But unfortunately he crashed while trying to do the second spin.

I prefer freestyle over racing because in racing you can't really do any good tricks maybe a fish tail at the best. But in freestyle you can do all kinds of tricks because there are bigger and better jumps.

When i was watching x games this moto x race comes on and it sais every single racer was either an amputee or a parapledgict (sorry if i spelled that wrong). As i watched them race i was like wow how are they doing this without an arm or a leg. So that shows how awesome moto cross is. And how much some people want to do it.

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