Sunday, August 16, 2009

dirt bikes

A couple of nights ago i watched x games 15. The very first thing that i saw was moto x. Ever since i've watched that i have grown a strange passion for dirt bikes. Whenever i see those guys doing tricks i say to myself " I wish i could do that." Some of my heroes are travis pastrana, ricky carmichael, jeremy mcgrath, josh grant, and ryan villopoto. Those guys are all amazing racers and freestylists.

My favorite trick would have to be a heart attack backflip. Which is where you scoot back and let go of the bike for a second then pull yourself back in just in time for you to land all while doing a backflip. Amazing i know. At x games 15 they had a best trick competition and my number 1 hero travis pastrana tried to do a backflip then a 720 spin while doing a rodeo. A rodeo is where you put your feet on the handlebars and put a hand in the air. But unfortunately he crashed while trying to do the second spin.

I prefer freestyle over racing because in racing you can't really do any good tricks maybe a fish tail at the best. But in freestyle you can do all kinds of tricks because there are bigger and better jumps.

When i was watching x games this moto x race comes on and it sais every single racer was either an amputee or a parapledgict (sorry if i spelled that wrong). As i watched them race i was like wow how are they doing this without an arm or a leg. So that shows how awesome moto cross is. And how much some people want to do it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

motorcycle ride up trapper's loop

Maybe two weeks or so ago my dad took me on a motorcycle (1800 cc v twin honda vtx) ride up trappers loop. So i woke up at about eleven thirty and then we immediately left. At first it was really really hot in my full faced helmet but as soon as we got into that canyon it was nice and cool and me and my dad both agreed that it smelled good too.

We were originally just going to go up the canyon and back but we decided to keep going. So we ended up going up trapper's loop which rocked cuz it was like an extra hour of riding time. haha. But once we started to get into the sun again my head started hurting and my butt was starting to hurt really really bad too lol.

On our way back there was this totally retarded homeless guy on the side of the road and we were coming up on an intersection and we were waiting for the light. So we were stopped for maybe a minute or two then the light turns green and the guy in front of us can't go because the stupid homeless guy is in the middle of the road begging the car in front of us for money. So my dad started revving the engine really loud to try and get the retarded guy out of the road before the light turned red.

Then we got home and after about fifteen twenty minutes my legs finally stopped vibrating. Then i pretty much relaxed the whole rest of the day which was pretty nice too i gotta admit. Hopefully my dad will take me again sometime before the summer ends. It was so much freaking fun!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

family reunion in idaho.

A couple of days ago me, my aunt, my brother, and some of my cousisn drove up to Idaho for the rasmussen reunion in idaho. There are always so many people there are even a couple of people that even bring trailers to camp out for a couple of days (thats what we did). Unfortunately my mom, my sister, and my step dad were not able to go because my mom was on bed rest at the time and cody wanted to stay and take care of her.

Usually on the first day we just kinda hang out cuz noone is there yet hardly. We drive four wheelers and dirt bikes too. I am a pretty good driver on the four wheeler lol. Some of the adults go on like a two hour four wheeler ride and some of the kids go too. Last year we went tubing down the bear river but unfortunately we didn't this year. You should've seen me at first I was screaming my head off hahaha.

Then on the second day when everyone is there, we get baseball games started this year me and some of my cousins and cousins friends went on a little dirt bike and four wheeler ride up some plains and hills it was so freaking fun. We were going up this hill on the four wheeler and these two rotweilers come out of nowhere and start chasing us so my cousin floors his dirtbike up the hill and gets past them no problem but when we floor the four wheeler they were keeping up with us. It was so scary for me and one of my cousins cuz we were sitting on the back.

Then the third day is the worst for me cuz that's the day we have to leave. I'm always sad when we leave but then i'm totally exhausted by the time i get back. But first we have to make a couple stops on the way home. We have to go dumpt the trailer then go get something to eat then we finally get going. Me and my cousin brought our psp's so we definetely were not bored on the way home. Then we get home finally y after a two and a half hour drive hug our mom and call my dad and tell him that we are home safe and sound. I was so sad when i found out my mom didn't get to go with us i almost stayed cuz i wanted to be there to take care of her. But she insisted that i go and i knew she would be fine and cody was there to take care of her and maycie.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I just had an awesome weekend full of mma baby! That's the best weekend I could have! There were some spectacular fights in fact i don't remember one boring fight. I went to the Ultimate Combat Experience on Friday then Saturday I went to Throwdown! These are the awesome fights that Throwdown put on.

Eric Guzman vs. Adam Barker Eric Guzman won by triangle choke @ 2:57 of round 1

Sean Whalen vs. TJ Jones Sean Whalen won by referee stoppage @ :44 of round 1

Eddie "Huckleberry" Pelczynski vs. Sheldon Otten Eddie Pelczynski won by rear naked choke @ 1:28 of round 1

Brock " The Machine" Jardine vs. Tallon "TnT" Torres Brock Jardine won by kneebar @ 3:14 of round 1

Cole "Headhunter" Rose vs. Jame "Boogie" Anton Jamie Anton won by rear naked choke at 3:14 of round 2

Dayne "dangerous" Aristazable vs. John Walser Dayne Aristazable won by armbar @ :33 of round 1

David Castillo vs. Eric "The Hitman" Hernandez David Castillo won by referee stoppage @ 2:16 of round 3

Chilo Gonzalez vs. Jorge Lopez Jorge won due to a doctor stoppage Chilo couldn't come out to the second round

Rad Martinez vs. Stryder Davis Rad won by a unanimous decision

Steven Siler vs. Shawn Bias Steve won by guillotine @3:15 of round 1

Ruben Villarreal vs. Ty Lee Ty won by calf crusher at like 2:17 of round 1

Jordan Smith vs. Richard Hale It was a draw

Every single one of those fights was awesome i would have to say my favorite one was between Rad Martinez and Stryder Davis.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wow! I guess I have a lot to catch up on when it comes to my blog huh? Well the oldest thing that happened after the last time I posted was my b-day! It was awesome at both my dad's and my mom's! At my mom's I got an mp3 player and a case, guitar hero world tour, one more wii controller, and this star wars game on the wii i forgot what it's called. At my dad's I got a psp game called Metal gear solid, an awesome old navy shirt, and lots of money. For my party at my dad's we went to surf n swim. I love that place! For the party at my mom's, we had a good old fashion house party with my family. I loved both parties a lot!

Second, on my dad's side we went to Vegas for the monster trucks baby!!!!!!! It's like the superbowl of monster trucks and we go every year. What we do is we ask our neighbors to take care of our dogs and they happily say yes and we go to St.George to my Grandma Kathy's house and stay there. The first day we are there we just kinda hang out go swimming at their clubhouse then later at dinner time we go to Paula's mexican resteraunt. The second day we go on a hike (usually) then go swimming one more time then finally at dinner time we got to Peter Piper's pizza aka best pizza ever!!!!! Then after that we go to the monster trucks at Sam Boyd Stadium!! It is amazing what they can do to those tiny little cars!

Third, well you probably know my mom is pregnant but we found out what the gender is. It's a girl! I am kinda disappointed we all wanted a boy but I think it'll be fun. Seeing how cute Maycie is I think Sydney will be even cuter. I feel bad for Sydney though. Maycie is going to give her so many scars! I even have scars from Maycie scratching me all the time! She's vicious i tell you vicious!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Tonight, we went to Chuck E. Cheese's, with my great grandma and grandpa. It was so fun I went with my brother and my step brother. It is so much. I can see why they call it the place where a kid can be a kid. I just hate when you have to wait in huge lines to play games especially when the people in front of you are taking like fifty credits. That really sets me off. Usually, after five minutes i leave and go play something else. I think my favorite is the basketball game where you shoot it at the hoop. And i love the one where you throw the fake baseball and try to it different point zones. You know whats funny when i throw it my fastest it hits dead in the middle, but when i try to not hurt anyone and just do it slow i miss by a mile. It was funny i threw it so hard one of the times that it hit off went over the little fence thing that keeps it in and went under the game where you have to push the stop button on the red light. And i literally had to get on the ground, and reach under there and get it all the kids were staring at me i was so freaking embarrassed!

Monday, February 2, 2009


I'd just like to announce that im so exited birthday is the 18th!!! I can't wait my parents always give me awesome stuff and we go to awesome places and i just want to thank my parents step and real for giving me such awesome birthdays every year and it really means a lot. On my mom's side we have a friend party every other year and a family party every other year so it's pretty cool. Then my step brother's is the thirteenth of march so we just have a party for both of us in between our birthdays we usually go to the nickel cade in Riverdale it's so cool. I love it. Oh and mom if its alright i want to go to classic skating this year for my b day.